Dissociative Identity Disorder Hero: Robert Oxnam

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Friends,  remember the old days–when you would turn on the TV (and you had to actually walk over and turn the knob because remotes weren’t invented yet) and there would be a blank screen except for the words, “Experiencing Technical Difficulties”.

That is sort of how I feel tonight.  I swear I spent an hour staring at the blank screen, type, delete, repeat.  It’s not that I have writer’s block.  I have plenty to say, but with the mood I am in, I’m not sure you would want to read it.  My inner turmoil would make the Hulk look like a kitten.

But never fear, I have a back up plan for these kinds of “emergencies”.  A guest post well . . . sort of.  First I’d like to introduce you to my guest, Robert Oxnam.

Robert Oxnam is an internationally known expert on China, a scholar, and he has…

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Police OPERATIONS into CSA, Childrens Homes, Coverups (Archived) Useful Links

List of UK police operations into historic rape & child abuse crimes

Join The Dots Campaign


List of code named Police Operations into CSA.

Some overlap. Some cover local areas, some Nationwide, some are EU wide or Global. All concern the UK or ROI in some way.

More info to follow….

Please share widely, so that anyone researching, or needs historic info or wants new investigations opened, or to add to any of the campaigns to help the victims, survivors working towards a FULLSTOP to child abuse and the revictimisation of its’ victims…………….please donate and encourage your friends to donate to people who are really supporting and championing, to have made this now be really looked at properly and stopped, and that people stop believing the hype for speedier adoptions, or that the system has learnt and it won,t happen again……………IT IS STILL HAPPENING.   i,m in touch with alot of parents whose past are in these reports, that instead of being helped and supported…

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Cardinal Pell makes admissions




Australia’s most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, tells a parliamentary inquiry that fear of scandal led to cover-up in the church.

Cardinal George Pell has admitted the Catholic Church had put paedophile priests ”above the law”, covered up abuse and moved abusers.

In a gruelling session of more than four hours, he told the Victorian inquiry into child abuse that the church had changed the date on a document making serial abuser Des Gannon a priest emeritus and had kept paying a stipend to another paedophile, Ron Pickering, who fled Australia to avoid police.

The Sydney Archbishop said he and his successor as Melbourne Archbishop, Denis Hart, took moral responsibility for helping victims and that the church was open to paying higher sums in compensation – whatever the law deemed necessary.

The church would be happy to contribute to an…

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Jersey child abuse policians press release

Jersey child abuse policians press release

Below the Press Release is an in-depth, and exclusive, interview with the two politicians, Deputies Shona and Trevor Pitman, who have experienced, first hand, the cost, both financial and emotional, of attempting to obtain justice in Jersey.

A complete overview of the Paedophile ‘Care’ system in Britain


Things need to change in Britain


Vatican Rentboy and Satanism Claims Revealed by Paedophile Priest Don Patrizio Poggi

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