Dissociative Identity Disorder Hero: Robert Oxnam

Leslie's Illusions

Friends,  remember the old days–when you would turn on the TV (and you had to actually walk over and turn the knob because remotes weren’t invented yet) and there would be a blank screen except for the words, “Experiencing Technical Difficulties”.

That is sort of how I feel tonight.  I swear I spent an hour staring at the blank screen, type, delete, repeat.  It’s not that I have writer’s block.  I have plenty to say, but with the mood I am in, I’m not sure you would want to read it.  My inner turmoil would make the Hulk look like a kitten.

But never fear, I have a back up plan for these kinds of “emergencies”.  A guest post well . . . sort of.  First I’d like to introduce you to my guest, Robert Oxnam.

Robert Oxnam is an internationally known expert on China, a scholar, and he has…

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