Jersey child abuse investigation must be re-opened


In her 2008 article for the Daily Mail ‘I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years‘, journalist Eileen Fairweather refers to a list she wrote using information provided by Detective Constable Peter Cook.

He had uncovered a vicious child sex ring, with victims in both Britain and the Channel Islands, and he wanted me to get his information to police abuse specialists in London. He claimed that his superiors had barred him from alerting them.

He feared a cover-up: many ring members were powerful and wealthy. But I did not think him paranoid: I specialised in exposing child abuse scandals and knew, from separate sources, of men apparently linked to this ring. They included an aristocrat, clerics and a social services chief. Their friends included senior police officers.

Eileen Fairweather met with the National Criminal Intelligence Squad (NCIS), who had the job of disseminating intelligence on paedophiles…

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Meera’s Story

News on Modern Day Slavery


Meera is a survivor of human trafficking in Nepal. In the latest issue of Symbolia, Dan Archer illustrates her experiences working for pennies a day.

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Stuart Hall And Bill Roache Judge And ‘Gay Sauna’ Revelation


My apologies for the tabloidesque title.

Under normal circumstances I’d say that a person’s sexuality should not call into doubt that persons ability to do their job but it is not just Judge Andrew Russell’s sexuality that calls into question his judgement but the circumstances which are semi-public (gay sauna).

Judge Andrew Russell’s sentencing of Stuart Hall has been criticised for being too lenient and the 15 month sentence (just over one month for every charge of sexual assault that he pleaded guilty to) has been challenged and the Attorney General will review the sentence.

Judge Andrew Russell will also preside over the trial of Bill Roache and these revelations will call into question Judge Russell’s impartiality in cases like these.


When judge Andrew Russell was caught visiting a gay brothel, it looked like the end of a glittering career.

The part-time Recorder of Bolton and eminent QC quit after…

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Trafficked children are victims, not criminals

News on Modern Day Slavery

No community in the state is immune from sex trafficking. Minnesota cities have been places of origin, transit and destination for sex-trafficking operations even before federal and state law defined the crime.

Especially heinous, sex trafficking of children is a problem of growing urgency. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children conservatively estimates 100,000 children are exploited each year for prostitution in the U.S.

Children of any ethnicity, from any neighborhood, or of any color are potential targets. Social media makes it easy for pimps to recruit unsuspecting youth and “advertise” to johns; shopping malls are popular recruitment venues.

Source: Duluth News Times

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Guilty plea by ‘Capturing the Friedmans’ sex offender Jesse Friedman was just: official review, Rape culture punishes boys too, Berlusconi Sex Trial Verdict: Italy’s Former Prime Minister Convicted, Sentenced To 7 Years

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– Teenager’s 1988 Sexual-Abuse Conviction Was Justified, Report Says
– Guilty plea by ‘Capturing the Friedmans’ sex offender Jesse Friedman was just: official review
– Jesse Friedman’s Child Abuse Conviction Backed Despite Documentary’s Claim
Were L.I. Man and Dad Computer Class Sex Fiends?
– Rape culture punishes boys too – A Colorado case shows boys can be assaulted too — and too often, teachers have ignored or even laughed about it
– Italy court convicts Berlusconi on sex charges
– Berlusconi Sex Trial Verdict: Italy’s Former Prime Minister Convicted, Sentenced To 7 Years

Teenager’s 1988 Sexual-Abuse Conviction Was Justified, Report Says
By PETER APPLEBOME June 24, 2013

Jesse Friedman, the Great Neck, N.Y., teenager whose role in a sexual abuse case a quarter-century ago was portrayed in the Oscar-nominated documentary “Capturing the Friedmans” and came to symbolize an era of sensational, often-suspect accusations of child molesting, was properly convicted and…

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Op Torva: The International Salesian Network


On the 25th of May 2013 it was announced that the Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit had secretly begun a new child abuse investigation called Operation Torva relating to institutions run by the Roman Catholic Salesian Order.

Over the last two weeks the Met Police Child Abuse Investigation Command  has been  secretly running a new investigation into alleged child abuse involving former schoolboys who went to primary and secondary  schools run by the Roman Catholic Salesian Order in England and Scotland.

Some 23 alleged victims have already contacted in one of the biggest operations since Operation Yewtree  which involved  Jimmy Savile and Operation Fernbridge investigation into sexual abuse at Elm Guest House in Barnes – including tracing people who had left the country for Thailand.

The full story is revealed today in The People and Exaro News. It is known to involve at least 30 victims and 20 priests and…

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