Stuart Hall And Bill Roache Judge And ‘Gay Sauna’ Revelation


My apologies for the tabloidesque title.

Under normal circumstances I’d say that a person’s sexuality should not call into doubt that persons ability to do their job but it is not just Judge Andrew Russell’s sexuality that calls into question his judgement but the circumstances which are semi-public (gay sauna).

Judge Andrew Russell’s sentencing of Stuart Hall has been criticised for being too lenient and the 15 month sentence (just over one month for every charge of sexual assault that he pleaded guilty to) has been challenged and the Attorney General will review the sentence.

Judge Andrew Russell will also preside over the trial of Bill Roache and these revelations will call into question Judge Russell’s impartiality in cases like these.


When judge Andrew Russell was caught visiting a gay brothel, it looked like the end of a glittering career.

The part-time Recorder of Bolton and eminent QC quit after…

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