Human trafficking: Suburbs’ dirty little secret

News on Modern Day Slavery

While other 7-year-olds were playing with dolls and going to summer camp, Amy was being prostituted on the streets of Texas, Virginia, and Oregon.

By her grandfather.

Now deceased, he pushed her into the commercial sex trade as a prostitute and recruiter of other girls.

Ten years later, a man in the Doylestown area bought the remaining days of her adolescence and became her pimp. She lived in a pricey Doylestown apartment for a couple of years, working in the adult-movie and sex industries.

Amy, who asked to be identified by only a fictitious first name, says she was so inured at that point to her life as a sex worker she didn’t see the wrong that had been done to her.

“I knew what human trafficking and sex trafficking were,” she said in a telephone interview Thursday from another part of the country where she now lives. “I didn’t…

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