Tribute to Michael: A Military Story

wow, a powerful history of a man speaking out about male rape in the military

Reclaiming Lost Voices

The pioneering documentary The Invisible War has directed a spotlight to the problem of rape in the U.S. military. One voice in particular stuck out to me, a man named Michael who joined the service right out of college. Michael was brutally gang raped by fellow servicemen. And Michael’s rape is shockingly common. The reality is anyone, and everyone is vulnerable to becoming a sexual violence target.

But the issue of male rape, which happens to over 30,000 men in the military, made less than 5 minutes of the documentary. Why? Stigma. Men especially are likely to be silenced by the crime. Russell Strand, a Chief Family Advocate in the Law Enforcement Training Division of the U.S. Army, observes in the film: “Masculinity cannot be victimized, because if you’re a leader, if you’re a masculine person and you’re victimized then you are weak.”

But, Michael’s story shows both the tragedy…

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