How to Help Child Abuse Continue! BE SILENT AND BLIND

Broken Until Spoken


I was headed to bed tonight thinking to myself, “Sheesh! I can’t think of anything to write for my Blog again tonight? Whats the problem?”

I walk over to shut the laptop down and see the headline, FATHER ACCUSED OF ASSAULT. I read on, it is yet another sad and sick tale of abuse. This one was a 6 month old with a couple of broken bones and a bruised head. It gets better.
The babe would not stop crying so he stuck the baby in the freezer!

Doing what I do I hear this stuff on a daily basis. Sad but true, these grisly stories are part of the scenery in my life. The story is not what got my attention and prompted this post.

It was in the remarks! I am infuriated.

One said, I no longer read anything with these sick headlines. Another post, No one wants…

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