Cleveland’s Horror Is Nationwide Problem

News on Modern Day Slavery

“We have to start by changing the vocabulary that defines the crime,” she told me. And for her, “It all begins with the pimp.” For Danielle, that was the man who conned her, imprisoned her in a home with other women, brought in streams of strange men and allowed her only a few supervised phone calls home to her worried family. He lived off her labor.

Recently, Danielle turned to a dictionary to look up the word “pimp” and was floored at the milquetoast, turn-of-the-century definition she found in her Merriam-Webster: “A man who solicits clients for a prostitute.”

“This is like a 1920s definition!” she said. “Anyone who works with the problem of human trafficking knows that isn’t even close to what a pimp is! … Nothing about the violence they perpetrate and what they actually do to people,” she said with anger in her voice. “I decided, I’ve…

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