Op Pallial Report ‘Public Interest’

what an appalling mess – why refuse to expose the Waterhouse report and it’s obvious coverup?


Beyond the appalling new statistics, two things struck me as I read the Pallial Report on it’s release.

The first is something that many others have commented on already, that Op Pallial have exonerated the North Wales Police Force.


No evidence, eh ?

It kind of reminds me of  “the curious incident of the dog [that didn’t bark] in the night-time.” Sometimes a lack of evidence is evidence in itself. I can’t believe that during the 1970s, 80s, and early 1990s that there were no complaints to the police.

Why doesn’t Op Pallial do as they did with the Savile Report and release all the complaints and missed opportunities and then let us all decide if there North Wales Police deserve this exoneration ?

The second part of the report that struck me was this;


Under these circumstances I’d suggest that full disclosure is in “the public interest” and any interpretation other than full…

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