Not Only Shouting: Different Types of Emotional Child Abuse

the end of Child Abuse Prevention Month…but not the of child abuse

Bipolar For Life This is a good link to check out if you want to refresh your memory about PTSD. It’s geared toward veterans, but it contains the DSM criteria, so it applies to everyone unfortunate enough to live with this crippling illness. There are three major classifications or groupings of symptoms. A person can have symptoms that cross groups, too. If you’re one of my regular readers, you might notice that my writing style is not its usual sparkling self. That’s because my personal PTSD demon got let out of its cage yesterday, and I haven’t managed to get back into the world enough to get it corralled. My PTSD falls mostly into the avoidant group. I get numb and totally leave my body, even as I scramble to try to grab onto something to keep it from happening. This time, I felt myself slipping, tried to stop it, and then…

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