Brave Article, Very Brave Lady.

very brave to report, the courage the victims had to speak out is incredible – I am so glad he pleaded guilty in the end… even if he falsely protested his “innocence” first


I think The Independent were brave to publish this article and the lady who wrote the original correspondence which launched the investigation into Stuart Hall was very brave indeed. Please read the entire article.

While most of the media are portraying the crimes Stuart Hall has pleaded guilty to as inappropriate kissing and groping this article betrays the lie to all that and indicates possible collusion with others in the establishment.

I have been waiting anxiously for this moment, the moment when Stuart Hall would either be found guilty or innocent of the sexual abuse of young girls.

Last year I became personally involved in this saga, and that involvement led to the investigation by Lancashire Police which ended with Hall’s confession. His victims must have feared that with his power and money he would fight their allegations and win. He did initially deny all charges and made statements about his “innocence”…

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